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"Life reveals to us the things we need to know, when we are ready for them. Everything happens in it's season, never before, never afterward. Our job is merely to notice when the season we've been waiting for has FINALLY arrived!

Friday, May 28th

Dear Friend,

      Do you realize that there is a VERY small difference between success and failure? There is also a very small difference between success and mega-success.

Growing up, I didn't have a lot of ultra-successful role models to learn from. I grew up in a very impoverished farming community and most of the people that I knew were on welfare. Without success models and mentors to learn from, it would be many years later that I would discover or begin to notice THE SECRETS THAT EVERYDAY LIFE TEACHES US!

After somehow making it through college, a military career, and building my own mega-successful business, I looked back and saw that all of the things we endure are to prepare us for our destiny.

This book, "Git Off The Porch - And Embrace Your Destiny" shares with you the lessons life teaches US ... which unfortunately aren't always obvious to us.

Download a copy today in PDF, or order the print version, and begin to discover your destiny. You really can do ANYTHING that you decide to do. Read Git Off The Porch and master HOW!

The PDF is free for a limited time.

Here's what a few people had to say after being totally blown away by Git Off The Porch!


"Hi Willie,

My name is Gabe. I bought your "Git Off the Porch" book a couple of days ago.

Willie, Gracias! I admire your fight against your addictions. It has inspired me to quit smoking. You brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons (both of joy and sadness).

Sadness because you made me realize how much more I had and just sleep walked through for the last ten years.

I too, was an economics major (Haverford College Class of '96). But while in college I didn't take advantage of all my resources.

Tears of joy because the lessons you taught were exactly the lessons my father has taught me but I hardly listened. You have brought me closer to him! I told him about you and your book and we talked and I thanked him for everything! I am now speaking to people I have not spoken to in years. I just called and said "Hey man, what's up? Let me know if you need anything, I'm here."

Mostly, I know that my path is the right one -- I have recently begun speaking to God again and I am happier for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All the best to you and your family and God Bless You!


" Great tools for living!

Ability, acumen, astuteness, cleverness, enterprise, get-up-and-go, horse sense, industry, initiative, judgment, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, resourcefulness, sagaciousness, sagacity, savvy, sense, shrewdness, spirit, wisdom. Take your pick, Willie Crawford's book is packed with it! Explore life well done and expand your own!

Excellent work Willie!

All the best,


Kenneth A. McArthurJVAlert AffiliateShowcase.com

"Dear Willie,

I just wanted to drop you a line a let you know some of the great things that have happened in my life since I read "Git Off the Porch". I have you and the book to thank for all of it!

First, I have to back up and say that I was living a "safe life". I was in a dead end job but it paid ok and I had security. I shared your book and my dreams with my husband, which made him open up and tell me his dreams also. We decided to "go for it".

Now, a few short months later, I am living in a penthouse in Los Angeles with a great salary but also doing something that I love and have dreamed of for years. I am working with a nonprofit inter city ministry called Hope Again. I feel for the first time that instead of worrying about myself I am helping others and the magic is that now great things are happening in my life as well.

My husband's dream was to have a successful internet business and after reading your book he decided to quit "playing it safe" and invested a little bit of money in a new business and is already very successful in it. His site is http://www.whoeverheard.biz and my site at http://www.phenysplace.com is keeping me busy with something that I enjoy and bringing in more than I ever dreamed I would make with it.

We owe it all to you and your book that made us "Git off the Porch". Thank you Willie for indirectly making our dreams come true.

Daphine Wilson
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For a gift to treasure forever!"


"Talk about an inspiration! I personally know Willie but I never knew his life story. This poor black youth overcomes welfare, mental limitations from within and cultural limitations from around him, only to become one of the Internet good-guys and heroes. A rare story from a rare man. I love this book!"

-- Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing" www.MrFire.com


 "Willie, I've been amazed at HOW you do things... now I know WHY you do them!

Thank you for writing this stunningly AMAZING book!

What makes it worth reading several times is not the rich prose or sparkling wit or gripping excitement - instead, you've managed to teach incredibly important lessons in Life, by the very simple method of narrating your own experiences.

The tidal wave of emotions you unleash - peaks and troughs of pain and joy, despair and hope, failure and wild success - reached out from the pages and touched my heart!

Truly, the experiences, attitudes and environment of childhood and youth are vitally important in shaping the people we become - but as you've so clearly shown, there's always a choice. And it's our's alone.

No moralizing lectures or authoritative instruction in there. Just a nice guy sharing with readers what he went through, how he learned to succeed, why he is who he is today.

Simply, elegantly, in an entirely non-threatening fashion, your powerful little book reveals lessons forceful enough to change the way an entire generation of youngsters - and older folks too - see themselves and their place in this world. The overall impact it can have on anyone's life is that of a HUNDRED MEGA-TON hydrogen bomb!

If you're still sitting on the fence, hesitating about getting this wonderful tome of timeless wisdom and inspiring guidance, hop off NOW...

Git OFF The Porch and let Willie's tale make YOUR life better, richer, and happier too!"

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
Heart Surgeon, Entrepreneur & Author
"The Emotion Prism - How To Be Happy, When You'd Rather Be Sad!"



"Wow, Willie. That was one heck of a story! After reading your book, I can't even put into words the respect I have for you, with all that you have been through.

Your story is very inspirational. This book will make great reading for anyone that wants to be their own boss, but just can't figure out how to break free of their old bad habits. For someone that didn't go through the poverty you did, it really makes me thankful for what I have.

Anyone that wants more out of life should get this book, pronto! You are a shining example of how to make it big, even if life has dealt you a bad hand. Your book will help a lot of people realize that they can accomplish whatever they want, no matter what!"

Ken Leonard Jr. Publisher, New Marketer Ezine
"Think Like Successful People To Get What YOU Want"


"Willie, Just finished reading your biography and I gobbled up every word of wisdom you so generously imparted to anyone trying to find their own path to success.

Knowing all the hurdles and stumbling blocks you had to go through to become a success. It makes accomplishing lofty goals seem completely attainable for anyone. As long as you don't quit. I feel as if you've turned on some light bulbs in some dark recesses in my brain. You've enlightened me with answers to questions that previously seemed difficult but now appear to be simple based on your analysis.

I was totally blown away about your observation of jumping in before you think you're really ready and asking for and allowing help to come from a higher power. How many times do most of us hold back because we think we don't know everything we need to know. We get into the paralysis from analysis mode.

The persistence and determination you had even in the face of gigantic mountains to climb are inspiring and remind us all that we can do much to control our own lives--- instead of sitting back like a bump on a log and letting "things happen to us". You showed that even when we get sidetracked with life's turbulence we can still get back on track to achieve everything we want.

I appreciate your description of how a simple "shift" in thinking can make a huge difference in outcome and success. When the successful talk about the "Big Picture" they really do look at things differently than most people do. Being around the business world for more than 25 years I know that you're absolutely right about successful people doing little things that unsuccessful people aren't willing to do. You've given the average person the formulas they need to succeed, if they will just follow them and take action.

Two Thumbs up for an inspiring and motivating book! Thanks for sharing all your secrets!"

Susan Geary


"The rules for success are not a secret: they include things such as taking action, doing tasks that unsuccessful people don't like to do, avoiding paralysis by analysis, overcoming limitations, setting big goals, and refusing to quit.

What Willie has done is give you real examples of how he applied these rules in both his early life and in his Internet marketing career.

Another fine example of a motivational book but only if you follow Willie's advice - and take action."

Harvey Segal SuperTips



In my 40 some years I have had the opportunity to read many popular "self help" books, such as Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, MD and Dan Kennedy, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. While I must admit I gained a tremendous magnitude of knowledge from each of these books; none of them have moved me as much as "Git Off The Porch."

Your story of how you rose from poverty to prosperity is not only uplifting, but also a testimonial to anyone who has an ounce of will to succeed in this thing we call "Life." One may not be able to help the fact that they are born into a family of poverty. However, it is also a well known fact, as 'Git off the Porch" so clearly emphasizes, that you don't have to stay there. You can rise up higher if you have the willpower and desire to do so.

Life has so many great things to offer if we are only willing to accept “the gift."

Your dedication to your work, family and to God is something to be commended and I offer my utmost respect. Yes, there IS a reason that Willie Crawford is known as "The Most Honest Man In Internet Marketing."

I especially related to your “Hit It, And Then Quit” theory. Although it’s something I have known for many years… I certainly needed that reminder.

Thank you for sharing your life story with me, having read it... I feel an overwhelming sense of humbleness and know I have emerged a better man because of it.

Congratulations on authoring such a well defined piece of work.

All the best of success!

Ronnie Bussey



When I read your book, I can feel how you feel. It inspires me that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can be achieve.

'Git of The Porch' will definite be the next best seller. This book, is a living proof of how a person can be successful from scratch. Anyone who thinks they cannot achieve success because of their condition or environment, MUST read this book.

Lessons in life is never been taught better than what you have reveal from your experience in the book.

Your book will help thousands of people around the world to be motivated for success in life.

Well done.

Patric Chan"


"Hello Willie,

Wow! I just finished reading "Git Off The Porch" and can't help but notice so many similarities in my own life.

Thank you for putting pen to paper and expressing such deep thoughts. Now I won't have to hurry with my book.

Willie, you've pointed out a number of things that I believe simply cannot be reinforced enough.

1. You can't do anything in this life without belief in yourself and faith in a Higher Power. For me, like you, it's knowing Jesus as my personal Savior, and letting Him do the hard work.

2. At some point in time, you have to quit thinking about it and do it. I know it's trite, but Nike's slogan "Just Do It" is what it's all about.

3. It doesn't matter what your lot in life is, what matters is what you choose to do with it. "Rags to Riches" really shouldn't be such an unusual event.

4. When you fall off the horse, you gotta get back on as it's a long walk to the barn. The horse really could care less about you too, so it's up to you to chase it down and get back on.

5. When the time is right the struggle will suddenly cease and things will happen as if by magic.

Willie, thanks again for your beautiful inspirations. I've studied you and your products and have a new slogan, "I want to be like Willie!"

To our successes,

Shari Thomas"
YOUR Affiliate Marketing Concierge!


"Dear Mr. Crawford:

I would like to start by saying thank you for sharing your bio.

I downloaded the copy and read it right away. This book is a breath of fresh air that touched me on a personal and professional level. 'Git off the Porch' kept my interest through the entire book. I enjoyed every single page.

This is a book every person starting an online business or an offline business should read. This story touched me in many ways. I plan to tell people I know of your story so that they can visit your site to download your book.

For the last month I have been going through the steps to start my own online business. Then I hit a wall of doubt. Did I have enough experience to run my business? Would anyone buy my product? Can I keep the interest of my readers with my content and newsletter?

All these questions were I asked myself out of fear. I was scared to take the final steps to become free on my own terms. To make my own rules. To be the boss for a change. To be responsible for my future and the future of generations to come.

Your book helped me break out of my negative and destructive way of thinking. Your bio made me think of my past and about the times I have been strong and dealt with doubt. It made me realize that all the books I read, forums I visits and seminars I attend are not in vain. Knowledge is strength. What I don't know I can learn or hire some out to a more knowledgeable professional. Now that the fog has cleared, I am able to see again and move forward.

Thank you for putting something so personal online for us to learn from. Thank you for never giving up and helping millions of people each day.

Thank you for making this book and changing my life!

Good luck with all your business ventures and may God bless you and your family.

Best regards,
Christina Jones"


"Dear Willie,

I'd like to thank you for having sent your biography.

The general tone of sincerity and simplicity did really touch me. I congratulate you for your courage, for the determination and perseverance you've shown during your life.

Above all, I admire you a lot for the "most terrible battle" you've won : I personally tried many times during my career to help some of my patients facing such addiction. I know thus how terribly it is to go through that kind of ordeal.

Best regards,

Dr Ivan P. Greindl (Brussels, Belgium)"



"Hi Willie, I just wanted to thank you for the chance to read your wonderful biography, and to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

Your story is truely inspirational, and I congratulate you for all your sheer guts and tenacity in the face of great difficulties.

I especially liked your idea of jumping into action before you felt you were truly ready, and then having the faith that somehow everything would work out just fine in the end (which of course it did) because you had the courage to take the necessary action.

This ebook demonstrates the massive power of inspired INTENTION, which you have developed to a fine art. And finally, in your ebook you cover all the necessary elements for success in the Internet Business so well I am sure this will be a great help to many people who are looking for good advice to achieve their goals too.


Joan Vlaming (Australia)"



"Willie Crawford's true life story as depicted in "Git Off The Porch" has given me a deep sense of compassion and understanding about the true nature of this brilliant man.

Willie's sincere desire to help people succeed is an open invitation to your long-term success."

Michael Perry
Sr. Media Consultant
Las Vegas, Nevada



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